Julia Frick

writer, director, producer

Film director and writer, educated in Vienna and Los Angeles with focus on writing, leading the actors and music. Julia has been working as writer, director and film producer in Austria, London and Los Angeles since 2001. After being selected as a Talent at Berlinale Film Festival in 2007, she graduated from University of Vienna 2012 and holds a master in cultural studies. Her short films have been invited to numerous Austrian and international film festivals and won several awards. It is Julia’s goal to tell stories by combining humor and wit.

Alice Frick

co-writer, co-producer

As an alumna from University of Economy and Business Administration of Vienna, Alice also holds an MA from the renowned London University East 15 in International Acting. She has been performing as a stand up comedian since 2005 – starting in Austria and Germany (Quatsch Comedy Club), she went on to perform in Los Angeles (Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv) and London (Leicester Square), where she now hosts her own monthly stand up comedy show. Besides entertaining international audiences live on stage, it is Alice’s goal to raise empathy towards others by showing film audiences new perspectives on life and to improve conditions for women through films of this spirit.

Marco Zimprich, aac


After graduating from the American Film Institute (AFI) in the USA, Marco gained his first international experience as an assistant for Robert Brinkmann's film "Cable Guy" (Director: Ben Stiller) and soon after as camera operator for the film "Independence Day". He has contributed to more than 300 worldwide productions as DOP, director, producer and author of many Cinema Documentaries, Commercials, Music-Videos, Feature Films & TV Series; many of them award winners (Goldene Venus TV, Silberne Venus Cinema, Diagonale - Shorts on screen, Chicago Silver Plague Award, Best Film Saratov Film Festival and many more).

Fritz Müller

production design
member page at Austrian Filmdesigners Association

„Das kleine Vergnügen“, „Die Toten vom Bodensee“, „Soko Donau“ – Staffel 8 / 9-11, „Die Frau in mir“, „Plötzlich fett“, „Schlawiner“ – Staffel 1, ...

Veronika Susanna Harb

costume design

Uschi Braun

makeup and hair

Annamaria Plichta

first assistant director

Foto © Dana Proetsch

Lenore Eklund


Sarah Bernhardt

editor / script & continuity

Roland Winkler

original sound recording

Born in 1967 in southern Austria, i grew up between woods, rivers, mountains and lakes at the border to Slovenia and Italy. After High Grammar School, which I attended for 8 years in Klagenfurt, I studied Science of Mass Communication at the Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft in Vienna, where I was assigned to set up and manage audio-visual systems under the guidance of Mr. Manfred Bobrowsky, Dr. rer.nat. from 1994 to 1996. From mid 1996 till today I work as a freelancing On Location Sound Recordist for domestic and foreign production companies.

Michael Ehninger

soundtrack & songs

Michael Ehninger has a classical education in piano, clarinet and saxophone. For the film "Judengasse" Ehninger produced the song Hine Ma Tov with Berlin based singer Maya Saban. At the same time the arrangement and production of the song "Glik", which also appeared on the album "5773" by the band Jewdyssee 2012, was produced.

Katarina Hartmann


Christoph Kuchner

sound design & mix

directed by JULIA FRICK || written by JULIA FRICK, ALICE FRICK || with ideas from SABINE KUNZ || first assistant director: ANNAMARIA PLICHTA || second assistant director: ALICE FRICK || script/continuity: SARAH BERNHARDT || location and set manager: ANNAMARIA PLICHTA || 2nd set manager: ALICE FRICK || 3rd set manager: CHRIS DOHR || production assistants: DANAI CARCABASSI, ALEX SPRENGER, EIKE MANTEL || production driver: TAXI BÖHM

director of photography: MARCO ZIMPRICH, AAC || focus puller: BIRGIT OBKIRCHER || clapper/loader: ALEX SPRENGER, FLORIAN KELLNER || video operator: LUZIA FLOTZINGER || dolly grip: FLORIAN BAYER || stedicam operators: FABIAN MELLER, SIMON SELIKOVSKY || crane technician: ALEXANDER BOBOSCHEWSKI || still photographers: PETER BARCI, JOSEF FALLNHAUSER, DANA PROETSCH

gaffer: ROBERT MAYR || electricians: VERENA MÜHLING, DIDI KÜNNERT, MICHI OBEX, FRANK ROTTMANN || lighting equipment provided by: FILMLICHT ROBERT MAYR, www.filmlicht.at || balloon light: CHIEMSEE-LIGHT WOLFGANG NORMAN, www.chiemsee-light.de

production designer / prop master: FRITZ MÜLLER || assistant / set construction: GÜNTHER SCHINDLER || set construction: NIKKI PANTEA || stand by propman: ANDREA REITBAUER || assistant: STELLA WOLF || location scout: ANNAMARIA PLICHTA || paintings in Klaus’ office: ALICE FRICK, CHRISTIAN MODLER

key costumer: VERONIKA HARB || assistant / dresser: NICOLE WIRTHENSOHN || dresser: DESIREE SCHLOFFER || key makeup & hair artist: USCHI BRAUN || makeup & hair artists: WILTRUD DERSCHMIDT, ISA LECHNER

editor: LENORE EKLUND, SARAH BERNHARDT || technical supervision and back up: ANDY CHODORA || color grading: THOMAS VARGA, LISTO Media Services, www.listo.at

sound recording: ROLAND WINKLER || boom operators: MARKUS KATHRINER, GREGOR KIENEL || sound postproduction: ARTEDGE STUDIOS, www.artedge.at || sound design & mix: CHRISTOPH KUCHNER || additional sound design & foley: NORBERT H. BICHLER

original soundtrack composed by MICHAEL EHNINGER
lyrics by: Julia Frick || music by: Michael Ehninger || performed by: Katarina Hartmann

stunt supervisor & choreographer: CORNELIA DWORAK, www.arianta.at || shibari supervisors: KINBAKU STUDIO VIENNA: Vinciens, Kenyade, Tilia

female anatomic model provided by MARCUS SOMMER SOMSO MODELLE GMBH || picture cars provided by SKODA AUSTRIA || police car provided by DISASTER CARS || Oldtimer Jaguar provided by JOHANNES STRUTZENBERGER || catering by UTIS CATERING

glass toys by: GLASSVIBRATIONS.DE || silicon toys by: SELFDELVE.COM || stainless steel toys by: EDD-LOVE-TOYS.DE || wooden toys by: HOLZDILDO.AT || additional toys by: FUN FACTORY, JIMMY JANE, MAGIC X, OVO, NS NOVELTIES, BIG TEAZE TOYS

alcoholic props: KLEINER FEIGLING || makeup & care products: LESS IS MORE, MUD – MAKEUP DESIGNATORY, AVEDA

graphic design by: EMANUEL SANTER || film website by: BIANCA STATNA DESIGNLOUNGE.MEDIA || subtitles translated by: ALICE FRICK, CATHERINE WATKINSON || subtitles provided by: SARAH BERNHARDT

crane by: BOBO.AT || dolly by: PENNYLANE FILM, ERNST DANGL GMBH || additional equipment by: ANDREAS BUCHSCHACHNER, ARRI RENTAL VIENNA || camera: SONY F65 / 4k 16bit || lenses: COOKE || camera and lenses provided by: MARCOZIMPRICH.COM

payroll: EDITH FRICK || bookkeeping: WILHELM FRICK || produced by: JULIA FRICK, ALICE FRICK

Gemeinde Eisenstadt: Thomas Steiner, Sebastian Handler || Wirtschaftsbetriebe Eisenstadt: Alfred Schlögl || REAL 2000 Immobilienbeteiligungsges.m.b.H. || Altwarenshop Omuletz: Wilma Omuletz || Stadtrestaurant Ella Italia, Eisenstadt || Autoverleih FLOTT || Couture by Billy || KLEINE FREIHEIT, Hamburg – Kathy Mussäus, Svenja Seidel || THE OTHER NATURE, Berlin – Sara Rodenhizer || VIENNA PAINT: Andreas Fitzner, Michi Braunstorfer || INCOTEC Facility Management GmbH || RIEDEL Communications Austria GmbH: Gerhard Simmel || LISTO Media Services: Franziska Appel, Herbert, Thomas und Geoffrey || Rüdiger Tiburtius, Anja Koschemann, Gerhard Wimmer, Marcel Lepping, Hans Sommer, Asim Perviz, Anja Kaufmann, Ines Liebmann-Stumpf, Andreas Karger, Molly Murphy, Thomas Tetzlaff, Anthony Pingicer, Karen Radtke, Lavi Yedid, Katrin Schlesinger, Chris Bakker, Nensi Veljanovski, Ina Egger, Günther Buchinger, Fritz Kern, Familie Ehart, Familie Kornfeld, Andrea Jauck, Ronald Neissl, Birgit Stiassny-Gutsch, Stefan Wagner, Wolfgang Arnusch, Christian Stoklas, Branko, Elizabeth Appler, Angelika Beck, Matthias Gross, Birgit Minnich, Dagmar Lipp, Robert Strebl, Christian Bleich, Nat Sattavet, Regina Kaintz-Schalko, Cécile Nordegg, Martha Zeltner, Sylvia Tschida, Thomas Kohl, Herr Trixner, Gerhard Selucky, Philipp Pannosch, Ulrike Churfürst, Vijay Churfürst-Hanzahl, Christina Salzborn, Herr Merk, Herr Trummer, Ulrike Plichta, Irene Hanke, Uschi & Johannes Strutzenberger, Rosi & Rudi Altmann, Edith & Wilhelm Frick